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Why ‘Lead’ Is A Four-Letter Word!

2 min read

Published - September 12, 2022

Clay Sharman

Why ‘Lead’ Is A Four-Letter Word!In polite society, there are some famous four-letter words that remain taboo at a dinner party: d@mn; sh*t; f@ck; d*ck; spam (the meat and email kind)…

But how did ‘lead’ become one of those words? Aren’t leads a good thing? After all, they bring the promise of success. Of new users. Of revenue. Yet…still…we hate them. And it’s because the companies that generate leads for us, generally suck (another taboo word?).

Lead data collection methods are sketchy (or illegal), data accuracy is low (in school, 75% was a ‘C!’, and most lists are built around demographic/firmographic “guesswork,” which means that the buyer is still doing the hard “data-based” work.

It’s like eating at The Melting Pot…you pay a lot of money to cook your own meal in three times the amount of time you could do it at home. Holy sh!t, right?

And then, what do you do with these lists once you have them? You send a bulk email to everyone, with no understanding of what the people are looking for or are interested in, and hope for a 2% success rate! And you paid for that!

But what if technology really could help you do better? What if data inaccuracy could be replaced with data analysis? And what if lead lists were built around an understanding of the types of customers that actually know your brand?

The good news is that there are companies out there that are bringing real technology-driven solutions to old-school lead generation challenges. And they are bringing a major upgrade from lead generation to lead acceleration.

The bad news is that they aren’t solving the issues of cooking your own dinner at The Melting Pot. You’re still on your own there…