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When It Comes to Sales Conversion Success, a Scalpel is Better than a Brick

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Published - November 16, 2022

Clay Sharman

If you’re in sales, you’ve heard it before — sales is a volume game. Across industries, average landing page (website) conversion rates are 2.35% – with the top 25% achieving a rate of 5.31%*.

Statistically, this means that the average online business closes 2.35 people out of every 100 visitors that come to their site. And if you go non-tech for your sales (think cold-emails), then you need to be prepared for a 1.22% average conversion**. That’s like throwing a brick through a window in hopes of getting a nice glass Christmas ornament for the tree.

A Better Way

But in 2022, there is a better way to reach prospects, convert leads and increase revenue. A targeted way. A surgical way. Why not use a commercial consumer behavior analysis tool? This tech combines next-gen machine learning, consumer behavior analysis, intelligent algorithms, and high volumes of relevant consumer data to dramatically increase conversion rates, all in a shorter period of time.

ML models do the work of dozens (if not hundreds) of analysts in fractions of the time it takes us mere mortals to toil over the same reams of data. Months in some cases! So, while machines are cutting through data like a hot knife through butter, we can focus on drawing precision insights from the results to drive sales and marketing lead generation success while we sip our third cup of coffee. All before 9AM!

It’s a brave new world, and it turns out our dads were right, it really is about working smarter, not harder. Thanks, Pop!

“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.”
– Wayne Davis

*According to WordStream, an ROI analysis company

**According to Barilliance