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The World of Data is Open to Everyone

2 min read

Published - April 10, 2023

Clay Sharman

What’s scary about data is exactly what’s exciting about it.

At its core, it reflects the old adage, “the more the merrier.”

But “more data” presents an ethical challenge that demands we stop to consider the consequences of all of our actions around it. Let’s face it, data is capable of discovering things it shouldn’t. And in the wrong hands, this can do a lot harm. And it has. This is scary.

On the other hand: data has literally changed the world…connecting us in ways that 30 years ago would have seemed like science fiction. It has given birth to a global marketplace that puts the entire world right at our fingertips. It has made celebrities out of normal people and introduced us to artists with mind-blowing talent. And they are so accessible that we feel like we know them intimately (of course, this isn’t always good…I’m looking at you Kardashian Family and Justin Bieber). That is exciting!

On balance, data is a force multiplier for good because it has no ill intent. It is merely a tool. A means to help us better understand the people and things around us. Data isn’t sentient. It doesn’t feel. It simply collects. It presents.

We have a responsibility to use data ethically, and responsibly, to build a global ecosystem committed to the benefit of all. To do that, we need people from across the globe to come together in this commitment so we can change the world.

That starts with companies finding the right people…wherever they are. Whoever they are. The good news is that those answers are available to us right now. Today.

We just have to look at the data…and do the right thing with it.